Winning Essays

1st Place - $100
"Leading by Example"

by Josh Walker

Over time I have learned to love the game of golf. Throughout this process
I have learned that you always have to be honest with yourself and others.
If you lie and cheat just so you can get a better score you are not only cheating yourself but you are cheating others too. One time I was at a golf tournament in Northern Utah and I was golfing as a foursome. The player who was keeping my score went out of sight behind the green to try to find his golf ball and because this was “ready” golf we continued playing. When we were all done the other player keeping my score believed I had scored a par, but in reality I had ended up with double bogey. Because of past experiences I knew that I needed to lead by example and be honest with him about my real score. I knew if I lied I would not only be lying to him but I would be setting an example for others to continue cheating.

Another example of leading by example is during high school golf. Each Thursday we would go out to play nine holes to determine who from the team would qualify for the upcoming week’s tournament. Our coach wasn’t out there while we were playing for qualifiers; so it was up to each of us to be honest with our score.   Unfortunately, this honor system left a lot of opportunities for others to cheat by being less than honest about their scores. Even though I was only a freshman I chose to lead by example and to never cheat on my score. By exercising my integrity my teammates noticed this and it left a lasting impression on them to always be honest in everything they do. In conclusion, golf has taught me many life lessons that I can use in the future and every day in my life. 

2nd Prize - $50

Jack Lambert

Age 14


I can influence my friends by setting a good example by being considerate, being respectful, and being responsible/reliable.


 I can be considerate by building up my friends and teammates. This is my first year of playing in the JAG golf tournaments. I have a lot to learn and improve. There have been a few kids that have been in my group for JAG that have been really kind and considerate to help me improve my golf game. They could have been mean or rude, but instead they built me up and helped me get better. I have been on teams that have had builders and breakers. I always want to be on the building team and help others grow and improve.


I can be respectful to people's property and leave things better than I found it. My family has electric scooters that cost a lot of money. My friends like to ride my scooters, but a few times my friends have brought them back broken. This makes me feel frustrated, because now we can’t use them any more or it costs a lot to fix them. I can influence my friends by leaving things or places better than I found them. I know that the golf courses are really hard to maintain. So even when I get frustrated and want to smack my club in the grass I remember that someone will have to take their time to fix my mess.


I mow my neighbor's lawn. It’s really hot outside and it’s not my favorite thing to do, but I know If I miss a week of mowing the lawn it could be ruined the next time I come back. I also have to be responsible and reliable when I make a tee time. When I set up a time I need to make sure I get there or the golf course will be frustrated because I might mess up other People tee times.


I hope to always be a good example to my friends and influence by being considerate, respectful, responsible/reliable

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Congratulations Josh & Jack!
You both said it well...and I hope this exercise will help you throughout your entire life and influence others as well.


RAFFLE WINNER:    $50 to Oliva Spears