On this page you can download the
Rivers Edge HomeOwners Assoc. documents. 


                         Rivers Edge Lane


Rivers Edge Lane CC&Rs

Keep our street attractive & peaceful to maintain your quality of life and your homes value!


1.  Yards:  Attractive, well kept landscapes and free from any unslightly trash.  Please bring trash cans in
as soon as possible on trash day and help your neighbors bring theirs in if needed.

2.  Vehicles:  Please park your vehicles in garage or driveway at all times if possible, including guest vehicles.


3.  Noises:  Keep any extra loud noises down as to not
disturb your neighbors.  Also make sure your lights
do not bother your neighbors.

4.  Recreational & Commercial Vehicles.  No boats,
trailers, buses, motor homes, campers or commercial
trucks shall be parked on Rivers Edge Lane for
longer than 48 hours and this only for the purpose
of being loaded or unloaded.  It is to keep
our road open for traffic and for a more attractive street.


 To add any information or comment, please email annette@annettetaylor.com

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