Our annual Rivers Edge HomeOwners Meeting was held 
Thursday, June 25th at the Crystal Lakes Clubhouse

President Neil Dixon welcomed those in attendance and 
presented the agenda for the meeting.   Paul Sheffield, Treasure read the Treasure's report.

And yes, we followed the
safety guidelines for 
Covid-19.  Here are Lorin
and Kathy Nielson.

Meeting Minutes

Sunbrook Estates Property Owners Association Annual Meeting

June 25th, 2020 - Minutes


President Neil Dixon reviewed concerns from 2019 annual meeting:

  • Excessive construction traffic on Sunbrook Drive causing road damage:

    • In conjunction with Crystal Lakes HOA, city of St George was contacted with concerns, who indicated they would be responsible for any road damage since it is a city road.

  • Speeding on Rivers Edge Lane:

    • HOA purchased “caution figures” to be placed at the intersection of Rivers Edge Lane and have reported to be successfully reducing the speeding issues.

  • Concerns regarding the integrity of public light poles:

    • City of St George was contacted resulting in inspection of all light poles.

  • Concerns regarding deterioration of Rivers Edge Lane streets:

    • City of St George was contacted.  Our streets are not on the immediate plan for resurfacing.


Finance report given by Paul Sheffield:

  • Balance of HOA funds - $21,485.22.

  • Outstanding HOA dues – Three (3) households delinquent.  Paul will contact to collect.


New board members election:

  • Four (4) new board members elected – Jan Trahey, Jim Lamb, Suzanne Dixon and Wes Chormicle.

  • John Trahey responsible to set up meeting for election of officers.

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